We are very excited to introduce the College PRO MUA starter kits

New to makeup or buying for students? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Our Pro MUA’s and Directors have selected some amazing products for you to kick off your new career. Tried and tested with some of the biggest brands in the business, this kit will help you create some amazing looks for all occasions. Packed with all the products you need to start your new career as a professional makeup artist.

Why choose Pro MUA Starter Kits?

Our kits have been selected and tested by makeup academy owners who know exactly what products and equipment a new makeup artist needs to get their career off to the best start. We constantly check what is on trend on the market to keep kits up to date with the industry.

Buy right, or buy twice is our motto!

We have lots of products that are multi use in the kits saving you money and making the kit a lot lighter when carrying out mobile work.

The feedback from colleges and students who have used Pro MUA Starter Kits has been amazing.

A bit feature of our kits is that they come with a gorgeous set of brushes, lash bundles and sponge. A lot of other brands don’t offer this, this is a big money saver for you. The kits are designed for working makeup artists, not just MUA’s in training.

We have added 7 foundation shades for you to choose from when matching your clients. Light medium and dark in a makeup kit just isn’t enough, you need a selection of warm and cool tones to give you plenty of choice.

Feedback that we have received has shown us that many college kits are out of date with today’s standards. The makeup industry is bigger than ever and a lot of students have to replace items in their college kits to be able to create on-trend and inspiring work. This is a cost to the student or parent; this can be quite frustrating when a kit has been recommended by the college and more money has to be spent.



  • ProBrush Set worth ¬£85.(Brush set will vary depending in stock)
  • Pro Sponge.
  • ProLashes (faux mink) that you can use up to 20 times.
  • 5 foundations. from white, 2 warm, and 2 cool toned.
  • Multi use products.
  • 70 eye shadows¬†
  • 20%-60% off all single products when you reorder(see pro discount)
  • Tools.
What is Included?
52 Piece Kit Foundation Cool Dark Brow Gel Med-Medium Brown
Medium Kit Bag with Tote Bag Compact Face Powder 1 Brow Gel Dark-Dark Brown
Pen Compact Face Powder 3 ProPalettes 35 Colours Neutral
Eyelash Curlers Compact Face Powder 5 ProPale Yes 35 Colours Colour
Tweezers Compact Face Powder 7 Gel Liner Black
Small Scissors Glitter x 12 Gel Liner Brown
ProLash Glue Glitter Glue So_khol Black
ProLashes x3 UnderEye Concealer x4 So_Khol Brown
ProSponge Blusher Palette x9 colours Precision Liquid Liner Black
ProBrushes Brush Set Liquid Blush #3 Mascara Black
Primer Liquid Blush #5 Lip Penci Red
Foudnation White Highlight Palette Lip Pencil Pink Nude
Foundation Warm Light Brow Pencil Light Brown Lip Pencil Brown Nude
Foundation Warm Medium Brow Pencil Dark Brown LipPale Yes 25 Colours
Foundation Warm Dark Brow Pencil Dark Coffee Clear Lip Gloss
Foundation Cool Light Brow Pencil Soft Light Brown
Foundation Cool Medium Concealer PaletteCorrection


Why use our Pro Artistry Starter Kits?
  • Competitively priced on quality and quantity
  • We deliver the kits and a member of the Pro team will do all additional quality check and stock check with the students to replace any damaged items quickly to save the tutor having to deal with this
  • Colleges and academies can make a 20% profit, per kit when purchased in volume (10 kits or more)
  • Colleges and academies can retail single products with a 50% mark up
  • Coded products to assist with the demonstrations and learning process
  • Top quality products to reduce student/parent complaints
  • You chose a delivery date and all the kits arrive at once payment has been received. This can take up to 30 days on larger orders
  • Students can also purchase directly from the website
  • Kits are current and up to date with on-trend products
  • Kits are multi use to save the students money and to keep the kit light
  • Students have the option to buy single products from the Pro website with a 20% discount code off all products and 60% off ProLashes
  • Students feel more inspired to work with products that they recognise to reduce. This helps with student retention on the course and a better start to a new career in makeup.
  • The kit has been assembled by working makeup artists and academy owners so that the products look and feel is up to date with the current market
  • We take feedback from each college/academy to constantly keep the kits at an excellent standard
  • We can also offer bespoke kits
  • The kits all arrive together, whether the students that have purchased their own kits, or they have received a bursary grant. We find this a better way to distribute as all the students start to use the kits at the same time.
The Process
  • We can send some samples for you to try.

    We can meet with you and your team to show the products before you purchase.

    You can order directly online at www.probrushes.co.uk or using a purchase order to info@probrushes.co.uk.

    We agree a delivery date with you.

    The kits are delivered by a member of our ProTeam on a date selected by you.

    The kits will have been quality checked at ProHQ but we will do a full check-off process and QC with the students.

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