Pro Artistry Media Kit Level 3 for Sunderland College


Metal spatula with palette
Kit bag
Stippling sponge
Beard hair grey
White powder
Elmer’s prit stick
Ben NYE Fresh scab
Ben NYE Scar wax
Mehron Blood light
Prosthetic nose
Spirit gum
Camouflage makeup
Lashes x 2
Snazarro body paint
Bruise wheel


Products selected by Sunderland College

Total costing £250

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Are you new to media and SFX?

This is an amazing starter kit to help you start your new gory career!

Whats included?

Please note - We allow 7 days for delivery with the L3 kit. If you are ordering for a college course, please note the college name and address in special instructions and your new kit will be delivered to this address for the date we have agreed with your tutor.

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