LOAD-BLEND-CARVE-Brush Bundle x 3


After popular demand we have bundled together our 3 best selling brushes.

P12 Precision Socket Loading Brush
For those of you that like to load your crease up first to create as much depth and contast as possible, this is the brush for you. It is also amazing for creating the shape in the outer socket giving you that gorgeous'v'shape to sculpt the eye.

P9 Precision Socket Blending Brush
Get right in to the socket and create depth and shape with this amazing tool. Blend lighty to avoid lines.

P3 Precision Carving Brush
This amazing brush is super sharp when loaded up with product. It will help you prefect the lid carving and brow carving to give you instagram worthly precision everytime!

So LOAD with the P12, BLEND with the P9, CARVE with the P3

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