Try Me, Before You Buy Me


The cute little tool that allows your clients to choose the lashes before you fit them.


Lashes can look quite big in the box and often quite daunting to someone who isn't a makeup addict like you.

How will this help me?
1) It's a nice touch for the client to try the lash before it's fitted, it makes the experience more personal for them and they feel more involved in the process.
2) No more wasted lashes for you! We have all been there, the wrong lash can change a clients eyeshape. This can result in you using more than one lash on an application with your client-amazing customer service from you but its costing you more money for stock everytime. Our cute little contraption will instantly make you more profitable!
3) Get the lash the client it happy with first time, this will create returning customer for you.

All you have to do is purchase the demo stand it comes with 7 wands and you glue the lashes you wish to use.

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